Remix: Cold Weather and Itchy Sweaters

IMG_3895 IMG_3892

I’m beginning to miss the cold weather. It seems like the sun creeps out a little bit more every other day and the cold air begins to shift back north. I love this sweater that I got last winter from Forever 21 and I still seem to only wear it once a year. Take me back to these windy days! Or better yet, move me back to San Francisco.


I tried to look like a hobo screaming crazy things but my zipper wouldn’t go up. Lol

Outfit Details

Tan Jacket – River Island

Sweater – Forever 21

Jeans – Cotton On

Shoes – Urban Outfitters


The Colors of Christmas


Happy Christmas Everybody!

I hope everyone’s had or having an amazing Christmas Day! I have just enough time in-between baking, roasting and frying all three courses ( by myself ) to upload and post yesterdays photos from Balboa Park.

My Father and I are wearing Express slim fitting shirts. Although, I went with an extra-small I’m glad I did because a baggier shirt would’ve made me look even more of a giant than I already am bringing up the ( Oh, they grow up so fast *tear) with family. I paired my shirt with red polka dot bow tie from OTAA Australia making my holiday outfit one of my favorites for this entire season. Polka Dots & more Polka Dots.

Excuse my unsubtle bluster as I stare at my hair. Thinking I would have to stay indoors for the entire season and wear hats, I’ve established my new hairstyle. It’s similar to my pompadour but rather than just the front straight up, it’s more like a wave to my two cowlicks.

Back to cooking! Tomorrow, rather than an outfit post; I’ll be posting all of the food that I cooked today! For those of you don’t know me, I have absolutely no idea how to do anything besides shop so actually creating some pretty freaking decent dishes that even left my parents in awe is pretty great. New Hobby of 2014, CHEFFING! ( if that’s even a word )

So from my family to yours, Happy Holidays!!

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Outfit Details

Shirt – Express

Bowtie – OTAA Australia

Pants – H&M

Socks – SOXKS

Shoes – ALDO

Watch – Michael Kors ( Watch Hunger Stop )